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The general conditions for business travel are changing at a rapid pace.

After massive slumps caused by the pandemic, business travel is finally recovering. However, macroeconomic challenges are slowing the catch-up effect, forcing finance and travel leaders to cut costs by limiting business trips.

So how do some companies capture more value from business travel than others? How do they keep costs low and streamline their operations to continue working effectively, despite continuous fluctuations in both macroeconomic factors and business trip volumes? 

In this white paper, we show you how to future-proof your business travel management for effective cost control and seamless scaling. The white paper covers:

  • The trends in business travel behavior and what they mean for finance departments
  • The effects of cumbersome T&E processes and fragmented tech stacks on finance teams and employees 
  • What an ideal end-to-end business and travel management process looks like, and how to implement it

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