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An expense report in 3 seconds

Add Yokoy to your bexio account.


Simple. Effortless. Fast.

Expenses fully automated

Take a photo of your receipt or upload a file and Yokoy's artificial intelligence will create the complete expense report in seconds. Booked in bexio the expenses can be reimbursed directly.

Company credit cards directly integrated

Integrate your corporate credit cards into Yokoy or benefit from Yokoy’s Prepaid Business Mastercard. In both ways we will automatically link the receipts to the transactions and post them correctly in bexio (and inform you of any missing receipts).

Simple and intuitive

Create individual expense regulations and limits for your employees - including warnings. Both the mobile app and the web application are intuitive and therefore immediately understandable for employees.

How does it work?

Take a photo

Take a photo of a receipt (or upload one or simply forward an email attachment) and Yokoy's artificial intelligence will automatically create your expense report in 3 seconds.


You can still make changes and notes and send the expense report directly. No worries about VAT etc. Yokoy will take care of it.

Booking and disbursement

Yokoy posts your expense report as an "open" bill in bexio (of course the correct posting is created with expense account and input tax account). The next time a payment is made in bexio, all employees automatically receive their money back. Receipts associated with a company credit card transaction are of course not booked as a bill but as a booking entry so that the accounting in bexio is correct and input tax can be reclaimed there if necessary.


The brand new Yokoy Mastercard

No exchange rate fees. No card fees. No headaches. Our team will be happy to tell you more.

Yokoy provides all the expense types you need:

Photo or file upload (PDF, jpg, etc.)


Mileage & per diem

Credit card transactions

Ready to put your expenses on autopilot?

Contact us and we will set up your bexio account in no time at all. We look forward to your message.